Audio Meditations

Audio Meditations

Meditation is a great tool to release stress and create a balanced, peaceful state of being. It is a way to stay in touch with our inner resources, to nourish ourselves energetically and recharge ourselves.

Many of the meditations, offered on this site, focus on specific situations or themes. They allow you to approach them from a new perspective, with greater awareness and deeper understanding.

These meditations are set up in a swift yet effective format to allow them to be integrated even into the busiest of daily schedules.

The audio meditations can be purchased individually or as a package of five downloads.


Use the audio meditations wisely. The meditations can lead to mental relaxation. Do not listen to the audio meditations while you need to be awake and alert (e.g. while driving) as this can be dangerous. Please only use the meditation sessions when this is safe and your attention is not needed elsewhere.