Emotional Body Sessions 

Emotional Body Session

In the three-hour Emotional Body Session you are accessing key experiences and memories from your childhood that are influencing your life now.  Through the guidance of your Inner Child, which is a creative, wise part of your being, you become aware of memories which caused emotional patterns and cellular imprints that set the stage for your growing personality and the sense of who you are. Releasing obstructive imprints will give you the freedom and necessary insights to transform conflict situations in your life now. Further, you access memories in which you lived your essence qualities without limitations. It reconnects you to the resources that you brought into this life and are waiting to be implemented.


I got to know myself much better through the sessions. Changes were possible that are permanent. I also greatly appreciate the steps towards greater self-responsibility in the sessions. I always have the feeling that it is a healing process of the self that also nurtures my self-confidence. But I always know that Nicole leads me gently with a her wisdom and without any judgement. It makes me feel very comfortable.

Nicole always gave me energetic exercises to take home with me, which help me in my everyday life to reconnect to the light-filled conditions again and again.

I have learned to trust my own strength and to use it positively for my life and thus also for my environment.