Multi-Incarnational Session Sets


Multi-Incarnational Session Sets

Each of the Multi-Incarnational Session Sets contain of four three-hour sessions, conducted on four consecutive days.

Every session set starts out with a Emotional Body Session on the first day. Key memories from this life (mainly childhood memories) that are connected to the chosen Session theme are being accessed and explored on this first day.

Throughout the second to the fourth session the focus lies on exploring the past incarnations (past lifetimes) that are related to the chosen session theme. They show the origin of this particular issue and indicate the imprints that need to be released. Additionally they point to solutions for those patterns.


Higher Self Session Set (the initial session set)

This four-day Multi-Incarnational Set of three hours per day is the first initial Set of Multi-Incarnational Sessions in the sequence of continuous session sets.

The Higher Self Set is designed to strengthen the connection to the Higher Self and the Inner Child, which are both intuitive aspects of your being. This connection is what gives equilibrium between your inner balance and your true potential. At the same time these sessions allow you to focus on and unravel the various different themes and problems that are important to you now.

During the sessions, your Higher Self will guide you through the experiences in other lifetimes that are most relevant and connected to the current situation in your present life. By clearing them, you gain a better understanding of the cellular imprints that have been shaping your life for a long time. Simultaneously it supports you in successfully freeing yourself from automated behavior patterns and limiting ideas.

By accessing harmonious lifetimes in which you were able to live your true potential as an integrated being and had mastered these themes, you will create an opening in your current life and access new solutions, ideas and energies.


Continuous Multi-Incarnational Session Sets

The continuous Multi-Incarnational Session Sets are the essential session sets which build on the initial Higher Self Sessions. However, it is also possible to customize four-day Session Sets for any conceivable theme.

Clearing the Parents
In this set you will be able to become aware of the soul-connection between you and your parents and release any karmic connections that might make a relationship to your parents difficult. It will allow you to become aware of who you truly are, independently of your parents, so that you and your parents are free to live your essence and relate as equals. It is important to clear your parents even if they have passed already, so that you can live your true self instead of following the unconscious imprints that your parents might have passed on to you. It is recommended to do the Higher Self Set and the Set about Clearing the Parents before continuing with any of the other Session Sets.
This set of sessions is extremely powerful. Imprints about sexuality are deeply engrained in us through our society, past generations and our own experiences. The sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces within us. The spark of life is missing when it is blocked in any way. The sexual energy does not only affect our physical relationships. It is our life-force energy that allows us to be creative, expressive, joyful, successful, connected to our own wisdom and so much more.  Explore the essence of your sexual energy and let it empower your life.
Discover your physical, emotional and spiritual inheritance that has been passed down through your family constellation. Explore the stories behind the inherited attributes; how they are related to you and in which way you can to use them. Use your awareness to bring a new understanding into you genetic makeup and let it enlighten your life. And the most fun part yet is to become conscious of your own qualities that you can instill into the genetic pool of the future.
Explore your connection to other dimensions, like the devic, angelic and galactic realms. It is an adventure which will stretch your sense of reality.
We humans only use a very small portion of our brain. Expand your awareness into parts of your brain that are not being used right now and discover its unlimited potential. Venture into lifetimes in which a bigger part of your brain was active and learn about new qualities available to you.
Dive into a four day exploration of your relationship patterns and alter the quality of your current relationships by releasing restricting imprints and automated behavior patterns. Bring a new spark to your relationships.
What is limiting your success in your life today? Unveil the experiences and inner programming that reduces your success in life. Charge it by connecting to your inner resources and skills. Be ready to thrive.
Inner Essences
  • Inner Mother / Inner Father
  • Inner Male / Inner Female
  • Clearing the Grandparents
  • Inner Grandparents (2 Sessions)

By working on your Inner Essences you are balancing the various essence energies within yourself, which enhances an inner sense of balance, stability and wholeness. It is as if you are fine tuning yourself so that all aspects of your being work together harmoniously and support each other in the best possible way. You can rely on your essence energies and let them nourish you from within.

Higher Octave Sessions
This set of sessions takes two hours each day. You are working on your shakti energy, which enables you to access higher energies and consciousness. Expanding your consciousness, you will tune into the realms of your 8th (golden) and 9th (silver) chakra, to integrate and anchor their breathtaking potential into your physical form.