Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Multi-Incarnational Sessions offered as a set of four sessions?
The Multi-Incarnational Sessions are offered as four three-hour sessions, conducted on four consecutive days, to ensure an optimal support system throughout the process of change. This makes it possible to unravel various layers of your personality, while simultaneously creating an inner stability and balance.
To truly understand and release a theme by means of accessing other lifetimes, the process needs to be holographic—meaning: perceiving the issue from a multi-faceted perspective. It is not enough to encounter one single lifetime to dissolve the theme. For the sessions to be effective, it is important to look at any given theme from many different angles. That occurs when perceiving various different lifetimes in which you played different roles and experienced the theme in a number of different ways. It is precisely this process that will enable you to understand the various influences that play out within you concerning that theme—all of which have been shaping your personality.
Let’s say you are working on money issues. If you only looked at one lifetime in which you were poor and treated like a slave, you would get stuck in that role of not being able to earn a lot of money and keep feeling worthless. But if you look at various different lives, one in which you were poor, another in which you were wealthy but misused your money, yet another in which you stole from others and one in which you earned lots of money and used it wisely, then you truly begin to understand the money theme from many angles. Looking at a theme holographically, provides you with the possibility of releasing blockages that keep you from earning the money you need in your life now and make it hard to use the money wisely. By releasing the blockages and activating positive memories relating to money, you have the possibility to create a new and positive relationship to money.
During each consecutive session day, you address your internal themes more deeply and balance them with positive qualities and experiences. That way the process is complete and truly harmonized after the fourth day.
Do I have to believe in past lives in order to do the Multi-Incarnational Sessions?
No, you don’t have to believe in past lives or reincarnation. The past lives are simply creating a setting for experiencing different aspects of your personality through identifying with a different role. That helps you to access unconscious programming, emotional and behavior patterns which are currently forming your personality and are influencing your present life experiences. You have the option to regard the lifetimes as stories that help you explore your subconscious and make changes to your inner programming.
Is it possible to schedule single Theme Sessions?
Within the following six weeks after the completion of any four-day Multi-Incarnational Session Set, it is possible to schedule single, three-hour Theme Sessions. Moreover, the Theme Sessions can be added to a four day Multi-Incarnational Session Set. Instead of the regular four-day Session Set, you can also schedule five or six-day Sessions. The Emotional Body Session can also be scheduled as a single session, in which you’ll be able to work on specific themes through accessing childhood memories from this lifetime. Single Theme Sessions, in which you work on themes by releasing imprints from other lifetimes, are not offered without the completion of a Multi-Incarnational Session Set.
How are the Multi-Incarnational Sessions structured?
Generally, the first day of a Multi-Incarnational Session Set is called the Emotional Body Session, in which you will strengthen the connection to your Inner Child and access memories from your current life that caused or activated specific themes within you. Throughout the second to the fourth session day, you will mainly focus on perceiving other lifetimes and on understanding the different experiences of your Soul.
During each session, you will have time to tell me about the themes you would like to work on and the meaning of the lifetimes and memories you already perceived. There will be time to ask questions and become clear about the dynamics and processes going on within you. Additionally, I will provide practical energy exercises geared towards your specific needs. Once you have done the sessions, they will help you continue with the transformation process in your daily life.
The main part of your sessions is used to perceive and explore the memories and lifetimes that are influencing you the most at this time. Your Higher Self will show you the lifetimes that are most relevant and connected to your current situation, so that by clearing them, you gain a better understanding of the network of emotions and thoughts that are shaping your life.
You will also look at positive lives in which you mastered your themes and lived your full potential. That allows you to access dormant qualities within you that you can reconnect with and use in your daily life. It will provide you with a new perception of the wholeness of your being, your true self and the opportunity to develop a new sense of self.
How are the past lives accessed?
You will be in a relaxed, meditative, yet completely conscious state during the sessions. Your mind will be fully present so that it can be part of the process and integrate the changes more easily. I will direct the process of accessing the past lives (previous incarnations of your soul) with precise questions that you will answer intuitively. The first piece of information that presents itself is usually the right one. You might perceive it as a thought, an image or a feeling. You might even hear the information. Expressing your impressions will help you perceive and connect to your role within that life. I will guide you to the most important aspects of that life to help you understand how it affects you now.
Why is it useful for my current life to become aware of my past lives?
Cellular memories are not only shaping your sense of self but your entire life experience. These cellular memories act through the subconscious mind and create behavioral patterns and attitudes that define your identity. Many of your themes, problems and blockages are created this way. The cellular memories are imprints and conclusion from past experiences, the origins of which are often found in other lifetimes. Discovering and dissolving the imprints, thought forms and conclusions originating in other lifetimes, helps you understand who you are and allows you to reprogram your subconscious to live a successful life in which you can thrive and unfold your true potential.
What themes can be addressed during the Multi-Incarnational Sessions?
Any theme that is important to you can be addressed during the Multi-Incarnational Sessions. You can work on relationship themes, being successful, health issues, fears and other limiting emotions or simply explore your unlimited self. Any theme you focus on will be looked at from many different perspectives so that you can understand what imprints and subconscious ideas are forming your current experience. Releasing some of the source imprints will help you to relate to the theme from a different point of view and transform it at its roots. Positive lifetimes, in which you mastered these themes, will show you alternatives on how to solve the problem and balance your life.
The sequence of continuous Session Sets is designed to focus on major life themes and to unveil your true being, layer by layer—akin to peeling an onion. It is an intense, but immensely freeing process to realign yourself with your inner essence to create a balanced and purposeful life.
How are the lifetimes being cleared?
The clearing process is actually the most important part of the sessions. Once you have uncovered the imprints, thought forms and conclusions that effect your present life, through accessing past life experiences, you need to shift the past life reality in order to benefit from that knowledge.
The most significant imprints from each life will be cleared on a cellular level with the help of energy and color techniques. The source of negative feelings and conclusions will be released using theses energy techniques and positive attributes can be activated. This will enable you to reconnect with your true self as well as with the dormant potentials within you and thus transform your life.
It also helps you deal with difficult situations in this lifetime from a higher perspective. Instead of experiencing them as an obstacle, you can use them as an opportunity to evolve and transform the whole situation by addressing it through inner awareness.
Why is it important to look at positive lifetimes?
Once you have perceived and released the obstructive imprints that restrict your life, you have created an opening to truly look at the source of your being, with all its unrealized potential. It is as if you met yourself for the first time in your true form. Perceiving yourself as a brilliant being, with unique and unlimited qualities and attributes, is one of the most joyful experiences of the sessions. The positive lifetimes in which you lived your true potential, help you understand how to live these qualities and integrate them in your life now. They enable you connect to your inner resources, which will be the key to transforming your life.
What are some of the goals of the Multi-Incarnational Sessions?
Every person will experience the sessions in a unique way and benefit from them differently. But here are some of the session goals we focus on:
– Creating a connection to the essential, wise aspects of the Soul (Higher Self and Inner Child)
– Training your intuitive capacities and strengthening your intuitive perceptions
– Unraveling the makeup of your being and deciphering your inner programming
– Discovering and dissolving obstructive thoughtforms and behavioral patterns that were created through experiences in this and other      lifetimes and are limiting your life now
– Freeing yourself from automated and unconscious behaviors
– Reconnecting to your true self (without the limiting programming) and accessing the brilliance of your being, replete with unique qualities  and potential skills to realize your “full” self
– Creating more awareness of who you are, to live consciously and successfully, nourished by your inner strength
– Designing intuitive solution strategies and responsive alternatives for everyday situations and conflicts through exercises in consciousness and use of color techniques
– Making previously untapped energy sources and inner knowing accessible to support a new sense of identity and create beneficial  opportunities in life
– Access your inner wisdom, potential and self-knowledge to promote a life free of stress with clear goals and inner balance
– Building a strong, inspiring charisma and natural self confidence by unfolding the potential of your being
– Supporting your personality to prosper from within
How do I integrate the experience of the Multi-Incarnational Sessions in my everyday life?
The conscious understanding of where your themes and problems come from will help you identify the triggers that activate the obstructive, subconscious behavioral patterns in your life. This knowing will help you to consciously shift into a different state of awareness and choose responses accordingly.

You will take home specific exercises as tools that will enable you deal with difficult situations in your life and integrate the recently discovered qualities into your everyday life. The connection to your intuitive knowledge and the coherent union with your intrinsic source energies, will allow you to actively transform your life and use any difficult situation to evolve positively. This newly found awareness offers you the opportunity to feel fulfilled and purposeful while living a balanced life.

How often do you recommend having Multi-Incarnational Sessions?
That depends entirely on your personal situation. As a rule of thumb, one or two session sets per year can be beneficial. Some people prefer sessions more often to keep their everyday level of consciousness balanced and stable, others have sessions less frequently to allow for an adequate timeframe of integration. With every session set you unravel a new level of your being. You become more deeply connected with your innate essence and have access to more potential attributes within you.
The Continuing Session Sets build on one another and support the progressive evolution of your being and alignment of your inner potential.
Will the Muti-Incarnational Sessions be recorded?
As your facilitator, I will write down the information you perceive in regards to the memories and lifetimes during your sessions. The session notes are yours to keep and work with. The sessions are not recorded electronically, because electromagnetic signals can potentially interfere with your session experience. You are welcome to take notes when we discuss your session experiences and their meaning.
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