Unfolding Your Soul’s Brilliance

What Are Multi-Incarnational Sessions?

What are Multi-Incarnational Sessions

Sessions can be a powerful technique to

… understand who we truly are
… discover what past experiences have shaped us and how they affect our personality and our life today
… release blockages, problematic themes and unconscious imprints on the cellular level and find new solutions to deal with them
… tap into our innate potential and become the person we truly want to be and create a successful and fulfilling life.

The Multi-Incarnational Sessions
allow us to explore the deepest roots of our being through accessing our subconscious and becoming aware of the unconscious, hidden dynamics that influence our personality and our life experience today.

The Multi-Incarnational Sessions are offered as a set of four three-hour sessions, conducted on four consecutive days. This ensures an optimal support system throughout the process of change and invites us to an in depth exploration of the history of our being.

Our personality is shaped by so many different influences. The source of our personality forming influences lies within our cellular memories and subconscious minds. It is the unconscious imprints from our past experiences, and even the inherited memories from previous generations, that create our sense of self as well as our behavior and experiences.

During the Multi-Incarnational Sessions we explore the experiences and incarnations of our soul. It truly is an adventure to discover who we have been in other lifetimes and to unveil those hidden aspects of our personality. But it is even more fascinating to discover how our past lives experiences have influenced us and are still influencing us today. Some might have empowered us or given us the chance to further develop our own talents. Yet others may have created fears or uncertainties which inhibit the development of our personality.

By uncovering the childhood memories and past lives (incarnations of the soul) that created those unconscious imprints, feelings and thought-forms which are currently shaping our lives, we become aware of the forces at work within us. Detecting the true source of our problems, behavior patterns, conflicts and deeply ingrained feelings makes it possible to then dissolve the limiting imprints from the cellular memory with the help of energy and color techniques. This releasing process is a very freeing experience. It allows each and every one of us to take our life into our own hands and become who we truly want to be. At the same time it supports us in overcoming obstructive situations in this lifetime while also discovering new solutions to deal with them. Furthermore, the Multi-Incarnational Sessions focus on discovering and activating our multi-faceted potential.

By accessing the incarnations in which we used some of our innate attributes and talents, we are able to reconnect to wonderful qualities and abilities within us. It shows us the way to create a life of inner balance, fulfillment and success. This process allows us to

  • stay in touch with our inner resources
  • consciously integrate newly discovered abilities in our current life
  • redefine ourselves and
  • unfold our true potential

It is possible to explore and work on every possible theme or problem with the help of this technique. Simultaneously it promotes the process of discovering new, innovative solutions.