Life Awareness Coaching

Life Awareness Coaching

Life Awareness Coaching – DeepSights Nicole Grabke

Life Awareness Coaching are counseling sessions to support a conscious lifestyle.
The coaching is offered in the format of one-hour sessions, during which you’ll be able to address current themes, issues and specific situations in your life (e.g. relationships, business, emotional patterns, etc.).

Through meditative and energetic exercises, specifically designed for your unique circumstances, you will attain a deep understanding of the underlying themes at the root of your present life situation. The employed Awareness Exercises will support you in creating a new balance within yourself and assist you in resolving these themes by perceiving the situation from new angles and perspectives.

The Coaching Sessions are ideal

  • for anyone who would like to address and resolve everyday issues in a timely manner and broaden their conscious awareness in the process
  • to enable a regular connection to positive feelings and energies in order to recharge internally
  • to get familiar with the conscious work on yourself before scheduling Multi-Incarnational Sessions
  • to provide a continuous support between different sets of Multi-Incarnational Session to help you integrate and implement the acquired understanding about yourself

Life Awareness Coaching is available via phone, skype or in person.

I love how the Life Awareness Coaching unlocks things and solves them!



I am amazed and impressed by how much inner ground Nicole lead me through in one hour.