The Multi-Incarnational Sessions are mainly offered in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Berlin,Germany. Below you will find the times for possible appointments at the respective locations as well as further offers from Nicole Grabke. Please contact Nicole Grabke by email to schedule an appointment.



The Multi-Incarnational Sessions and the Life Awareness Coaching are now available via Zoom or Skype at all times!

In person Multi-Incarnational Sessions are available in:

Santa Fe, NM, USA from mid September 2022 – mid November 2022

Berlin, Germany from end of November 2022 – end of January 2023


The sessions have not only changed my life … I have changed.


Basel, Switzerland

With the help of the the Multi-Incarnational Sessions I feel more inner strength and serenity. Even physically I feel positively charged. The entire course of the sessions, as well as Nicole’s high level of attention and affinity, did me a lot of good. I felt very secure and accepted.