Theme Sessions 

Theme Sessions

Theme Sessions

One-day Theme Sessions can be booked

– in addition to any four-day Session Set


– within six weeks after concluding a full four-day Multi-Incarnational Session Set.

A Theme Session, during which you can address any specific issue that is important to you, lasts three hours. The theme will be addressed by accessing and releasing other lifetimes that are connected to that theme and will provide a holographic perspective of this issue.

The following are popular examples for Theme Sessions:

  • Success
  • Health / physical well being
  • Relationships
  • Abundance, Finance
  • Self Esteem
  • Family
  • Self-management
  • Time-management
  • Stress reduction, Life in balance
  • Creativity
  • Life Purpose
  • Clearing the Self
  • Clearing a person (e.g. relationship partner, child, person who strongly influences your life)
  • Emotions (e.g. anger, insecurity, resentment, guilt, jealousy)
  • Any theme that is occurring in your life (session will be customized to benefit you the most)

This work offers so many beautiful opportunities to come clean with myself and to finally make peace with things that have burdened my soul for many lives. All these insights are priceless and help me to align myself with my inner knowledge on ever deeper levels.

Thanks to the light and color exercises, this is all done very gently and harmoniously!


Nicole helped me to pinpoint the currently “most important theme” for me in the theme sessions and to get to the root of it.


Basel, Switzerland