Nicole Grabke
Nicole Grabke

Hi, my name is Nicole Grabke.

The techniques I offer include Multi-Incarnational Sessions, Life Awareness Coaching, as well as meditation practices. These are more than acquired techniques. They actually have defined my own life’s path. I am very excited to share them with you in the hope that they, in turn, will help you gain insights in your own inner being and allow you to consciously transform your life. In the unfolding process of discovering my own personality, these inspiring techniques have been the key that opened the door to the real “me”.

“What is the meaning of life?” has fascinated me since I was 8 years old. Are we just here to live, survive and die, or is there a deeper meaning to our existence?

The latter option has resonated true with me throughout my life experiences. Each and every one of us is not only born with unique talents and capacities, but we are indeed alive for specific reasons. Hence, we can use our unique talents to evolve and move through our life issues until we eventually master them.

Multi-Incarnational Sessions

Yet the deeper purpose of our life is often concealed from us. Internal influences as well as external circumstances often keep us from expressing our true potential and consequently hinder our creating a fulfilling and purposeful life for ourselves.

Yet the deeper purpose of our life is often concealed from us.

The extreme opposites of external circumstances, including diverse life styles, were especially tangible in my hometown, Berlin, Germany. West Germany and the former East Germany collided head on in my native Berlin. Freedom confronted suppression, just as democracy confronted communism. Infinite possibilities to live and express oneself were fenced in by restrictions and limitations.

The world in which I grew up, would turn out to be the perfect preparation for the work that would become my lifelong endeavor. It has allowed me to identify similar opposing dynamics within myself and later on within my clients.

During my early years in Berlin, meditation came to be my favorite tool in the development of my self-awareness. Then in 1994, my questions about the human potential led me to the high plains of New Mexico (USA).

I got profoundly inspired by the teachings and insights that Chris Griscom taught at the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness and at The Light Institute of Galisteo.

I was still very young when I was first introduced to the Multi-Incarnational Sessions. What an exciting experience it was then to recognize who I had been in other lifetimes! Yet over time the Multi-Incarnational Sessions proved to be much more than an interesting adventure. They turned out to be a powerful technique in the exploration of the deepest roots of my being and helped me recognize my purpose in life with great clarity.

Completely fascinated, I started to study this fabulous technique which, by looking into our past lives, enables us to unveil the unconscious and limiting imprints in this life time. Furthermore those past lives get transformed and are released in an ongoing process.

It is a breathtaking and awesome experience to unravel the makeup of our true being – to finally understand what makes us think, feel and act the way we do!

I felt that I had finally come across a method that allowed me to pierce through the limitations of my personality while clearing the way to connect with my true inner being.

One can compare the experience to opening a treasure chest and being in utter awe at the richness and beauty of the talents and essences that come to light.

I completed my studies with a Master of Divinity degree and worked as a Facilitator of Multi-Incarnational Sessions at The Light Institute for 24 years. Now I am offering this wonderful work on my own and it’s been a pure joy to facilitate my clients’ self-discovery and watch them transform into their brilliant selves.

I guide my clients to address and work through the constraints that may be limiting their life’s experiences; to become conscious and truly free beings; to use their innate potentials to move through life with lucidity and happiness.

Many of my clients initially work on one theme which leads to various and varied changes in their lives. Some are able to use the transformation triggered by the session work, to truly sky rocket their careers and/or sharpen their talents which enables them to create successful businesses. Others achieve a new balance in their body by releasing physical blockages. Numerous clients work on relationships and find ways to discover the underlying dynamics of partnerships, which ultimately leads to more joy and happiness in their lives.
The success stories vary in very many ways.

Yet, all my clients are connected through one element: They attain access to their true selves and therefore become able to focus on their potential to consciously and positively face the challenges in their lives.

Nicole is a clear guide, who can be trusted to hold a beautiful space, while you explore and dive into what is really holding you back.


Colorado, USA

Photo credit: Luis Saturno