Download Apple

Please note: A direct download of audio meditations from a browser to the “Music”-App on iPhones or iPads is not possible with the Apple operating system iOS. Please use one of the two following saving options to ensure that you will be able to listen to the audio meditation on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Download via a computer, laptop or MacBook: After purchasing the audio meditation, download it directly onto your computer, laptop or MacBook and import it into the “iTunes”-App. Next, synchronize your iPhone or your iPad with your computer or add the meditation to your iPhone manually. You will then be able to find the audio meditation in the „Music”-App.

2. Download via an Apple iPhone or iPad: Instead of loading the audio meditation into the “Music”-App, you can store it in a cloud storage like “Dropbox” or “Google Drive” which needs to be installed on your iPhone or your iPad beforehand. Click on the link to download the meditation. The meditation will open up and will be played. Choose the symbole „share“ and save the meditation in a cloud-App on your iPhone or iPad. Now you will be able to open and play the audio meditation directly in your Cloud-App.